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How to Write Blog Posts from Scratch using Writecream
How to Write Blog Posts from Scratch using Writecream
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Blogging is a very popular form of content marketing. It is a significant asset in your marketing strategy. It can be a great way to earn income, learn new skills, and increase your reach to your audience. It helps in getting your thoughts and opinions on a topic out on the web, and many people are taking advantage of this.

However, blogging can come with a lot of stress for people who are new to it. In order to have your blog start to take shape in a significant way, you need to optimize your blog, optimize the keywords, promote the blog, and much more. Therefore, in this blog, I will help you generate content with just 5 simple steps using a tool called "Writecream", your free writing partner.

"The blog in this blog will take you through the basics of how to write a blog."

Recently, I discovered an amazing tool called "Writecream" (Check out my review on it here). It's the perfect place for all your writing problems like generating personalized introductions and messages for Cold Emails, LinkedIn Outreach, generating Blog Ideas, Website Copy, Social Media Content, and much more. This AI-powered tool has the ability to increase your productivity manifold. The best part about Writecream is its affordability. It has a free plan where it provides 20 credits per month sufficient to generate two blog posts over 1000 words each.

I recently tried the "Long-form Editor" tool and since then my workload has decreased to a great extent. After all, I have a free writing assistant now!

The purpose of this blog is to help businesses to generate numerous blogs within minutes at regular intervals and be consistent with their content game.

Let me delve deep into the basic steps of using this tool.

Step 1:

As soon as you sign up for an account on Writecream, the main dashboard appears which displays a number of writing tools. You can select the "Long Form Editor" tool by scrolling down to the page and start writing your blog with the help of its various features.

This is how your dashboard appears.

After selecting the tool, on the left-hand side of the page, you can see a "Select Case" option. Under the drop-down bar, select the "Blog Idea" option.

If you already have a blog idea then you can skip this step!

After selecting the case, write your Product/Brand name in the bar below and write a short and appropriate description of your brand. You can also select a Tone for your Blogs like a formal and assertive tone or a joyful and humble tone according to the nature of your blog.

Click on the "Write for me" button and you can see a number of blog ideas displayed on the screen within seconds.

And here are some cool blog ideas right there on your screen!

Step 2:

After this, you need a proper introduction for starting your blog. Go back to the "Select Case" option and select the "Blog intro" case. Write your Blog Idea under the Topic name bar and click on the "Write for me" button.

For example I chose the blog idea "How to Hire Top Talent: A blog post around different ways to hire top talent". Make sure that your blog topic has a heading followed by a one-line description to get better introductions.

Here comes some amazing and relevant introductions for your blog post within a fraction of time. You can select the best intro according to your choice or may select one or more intros and mix and match them to create a unified whole. This will help in increasing the word length of your blog.

Step 3:

In order to create an attractive blog, a proper outline should be there which discusses the points of importance in an organized manner. Select the "Blog Outline Case" and again click on the "Write for me" button. This will give you various samples of how a blog outline can be framed. Choose the one which suits your purpose best or again you can mix and match the outlines as per your convenience and requirements.

Step 4:

The above steps give you a basic structure of how your blog will look like! The next step is to expand the generated outputs into a wholesome paragraph.

Again go back to the Choose Case option and select the "Blog Heading Expand" case and below the blog topic, copy the headlines for which you need expansion in the section headline. A number of relevant outputs would be generated for each pointer you enter for expansion and you can again use more than one of the outputs to make your blog more comprehensive.

You can individually enter each blog outline under the section headline bar and get a summary for the particular outline.

Step 5:

After completing the body of the text, the next step is to go for a relevant conclusion that gives a proper ending to your blog. Again go to the "Choose Use case" option and select the "Blog conclusion" option from the drop-down menu. Press the generate button and get a number of blog conclusions on your screen.

You can use the "Write for me" button as many times as you want to generate more outputs in case you are not satisfied with the initial outputs which are, however, a rare case!

After each step, make sure that you keep copying the content in a separate Google document so that it becomes easy to edit it later.

After copying all the content, you can review your document and start editing your Blog. You can add or subtract the content, rearrange ideas in a proper sequence, format the text font, size, ensure alignment and add images, videos, and links, if required.

After performing all the above steps, you would notice that a comprehensive blog is ready within minutes and you are all set to post it on your blogging platform.

And guess what? After discovering this tool you are now sure of some consistency in your content game. Writecream provides a great competitive edge to people when it comes to content marketing and if you are using this tool for generating and posting content on a daily basis then I can assure you of the positive results on your business in terms of growth and profitability.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and I would share a part of the credit with Writecream for helping me "to write a blog which teaches how to write a blog".

Blogs are such important pieces of content for any business, and there is so much opportunity for profit. With the right information and support, you can create a blog that will provide a high amount of traffic and a steady stream of income.

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