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Custom Tool Tutorial
Custom Tool Tutorial

Build your custom tool in an easy way

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You guys may or may not have been using AI copywriting tools until now. If you are someone who is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and how easily it can complete your tasks, then we have some awesome news for you. Even if you are someone who thinks that there is a use case yet to be developed, in order to suit your AI needs, then you are at the right place. If you belong to neither of the category listed above, we would still advise you to keep reading because we have something in box for you too!

To dive deeper, let’s understand the science which lies behind Artificial Intelligence that empowers you and your business by increasing its efficiency through its tools. It is a bit technical but we will make it easy for you. Artificial Intelligence Copywriting tools work on GPT technology that is based on Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Now, this is a big topic in itself so let’s just move forward with the fact that these tools take some information by asking questions from us and analyze that data to make Data-Driven Decisions and give us the required output.

We have come up with a tool that allows you all to make your own Use Cases, i.e, you can make your own AI tool that will follow your own use case.

Let’s understand this furthermore with the help of some examples-

In our Custom Tool, you will be asked to enter some details and Input-Output examples related to the Use Case you want the tool to follow.

You can create your own use case recipes using some simple steps. Here are some examples of the tools and use cases we made using the custom tool to help you understand the tool better.

  • Profile Description

If you want to write a short profile bio or descriptions for your LinkedIn or Instagram profile and you can not find any tool to do so, you can make your own tool using the custom tool feature on Writecream using the simple steps below:

  1. First, enter the name of the tool (for example- profile description)

  2. Now, you need to add the context and instructions. You need to explain to Writecream what you want the tool to do. Make sure you write the explanation in the same way you would explain it to a human. (For example-want to generate unique and short profile descriptions or bio for my LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media accounts which are quirky, attractive, and will describe me in the best way)

  3. Once you are done explaining, you need to add input and output; the input being what you provide to Writecream’s Custom tool and the output will represent what you want writecream to return. (For example INPUT- Keywords, phrases, or titles about myself or my current position, OUTPUT- write an introduction and about me bios for my profile)

  4. Now, in the final step, you need to provide some input-output examples to Writecream so it can understand the pattern of your needs to make data-driven decisions and provide you with the best results while you use your own custom tool made by you, for you.

(For Example:

Input 1- Computer Science and Marketing Enthusiast, BTech Undergrad, Electronics and Communications, Content Writing and Copywriting, Creative, Desire to learn.

Output 1- A computer Science engineer and a marketing enthusiast who is ready to take up any challenge. Strong and creative professional with a Bachelor of Technology – BTech focused in Electronics and Communications Engineering skilled in Content writing and copywriting with a desire to learn more. Strategic, Innovative, and well-versed in identifying market trends and customer needs.

Input 2– Web Development, Robotics, Data Science and Competitive Programming, Fascinated by technology, cloud computing, Quantum computing IoT

Output 2– Seeking intellectually challenging roles in the fields of Robotics, Data Science, Machine Learning.

Input 3- Sr. Influencer Marketing Executive at VavoDigital

Output 3– Media-savvy marketing strategist with a deep understanding of what motivates the Millennial mindset

Input 4– recruitment and marketing, talent acquisition, ability to negotiate terms effectively, excellent communication skills

Output 4– Proficient in talent acquisition. Ability to negotiate terms effectively with excellent communication skills to enhance the overall strategic plan. a keen learner with extensive interest in recruitment and marketing. My strongest asset is my ability to build and maintain relationships.

Input 5- firmware engineer, embedded systems, IoT, AWS, leadership

Output 5– I’m a Firmware engineer and working in the semiconductor industry for the past 2 years, providing valuable expertise to start-up businesses.

  • Message Replier

Have you ever been caught in a position where you don’t know what to reply to someone and are stuck wondering what to do next? A best friend always helps you in such a scenario but what if we tell you that you can create your own personal AI best friend tool that will come in handy every time you are not sure about how to respond. The steps will be the same as we described above. The input-output examples will differ according to the needs of this use case. For example-

Input 1– Hi, I am in love with your business idea and how effortless it makes copywriting look. It is the best and made my life so easy!

Output 1– Thank you for the positive feedback and we’re glad that you like what we’re building.

Input 2– This is John, hailing from Delhi. I am currently pursuing my second year in Btech. I have always been a huge book lover and hoarder and I have always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes at a publishing house. So, when I saw your website and got to know about possible internship opportunities, I thought I’d take my chance.

Output 2- Awesome, so glad you made it to our site! Please share more about yourself and what you plan to do/read. We’d love to discover any possible opportunities for fellow book lovers like you! You will be able to explore the varied opportunities and rewards of working with us. Our careers page itself has many job openings having to do with your specialization.

Input 3- Hi, I love your website and the products it offers. I love your user interface but I think I can help you guys to improve it in order to receive more clients and leads as I think it lacks in some areas.

Output 3- Thank you so much for this! We ❤️ hearing from our paying customers and their appetite for more cool features. We are constantly working on bringing out our latest updates on the app to make your content easier on the eyes. And don’t worry, shared ideas are always welcome!

Input 4– Hi, I wanted to let you guys know that I am not satisfied with the service you are providing and want my money back. It was promised in case your products fail to satisfy me

Output 4– This is unfortunate to hear and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please kindly mail us at with your Order ID, the name of the product that you are not satisfied with, and your refund request. We will process your refund upon review.

Input 5– Hi, I have received your Analog Electronics assignment and detected that there was a section in it which was was plagiarised. I am giving you the last chance to resubmit it before this Friday, failing which, you will be detained on this subject.

Output 5– Thank you for your solemn warning & consideration. I am very sorry that that happened but will be solemnly collecting all the necessary evidence & credentials to compile and resubmit the assignment before this Friday while abstaining from any new assignments.

Now, the custom tool will analyze your examples along with the information you provided to build a tool that is built just for you and your personal needs. It’s that simple! You can choose different custom use cases that are suitable for your needs and create your own magic recipe using your own ingredients and cook it using our Custom Tool. You can find the tools that you create at the end of the Writecream dashboard. You can also delete a Custom Tool.

Some more Use Case examples that you can build using this tool are-

  • Brand Name

  • Song/Poem Lyrics

  • Story Generator

  • Notification and text messages, etc.


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