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Guide to generating Fiction content
Guide to generating Fiction content

A magical, efficient writing environment that is perfect for story-writing, novel-writing, and fiction writing

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Have you ever considered writing a short story for your blog? But does it seem quite difficult for you to begin writing even if you have an idea of what the story is going to be about? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Writecream’s AI is perfectly designed for enhancing and making your creative writing easy and the interface is not complicated too. You might wonder, how is an AI supposed to understand what you are thinking? I have been in that place before and here is my experience of using the Writecream AI for writing my short story.

Before getting into how I used the AI, let me tell you what ideas I had before starting to write my short story. So that you will understand how the AI helped me put together the ideas into a wonderful story. I wanted to write a romantic short story where the two protagonists meet for the first time. However, their first impressions of each other are bad and they have extremely misconceived notions of each other. Eventually they happen to meet each other again, and they get to clear the misunderstandings and have a happy ending.

The above said idea was the only thing I had in my mind while beginning the story. So here’s how I used Writecream’s Long-form editor to speeden the process of my writing. You can get ideas even from scratch, for example from the way your story starts, what plot elements you need to include and to the way you want it to end.

First of all, to use the Long-form editor, you need to create a Writecream account. The process is simple and you don’t have to worry about any hassles. Or if you have an account in Writecream already, you can login using that account. After you have logged in, scroll down the various writing tools and you will notice the “Long-form editor.” Click on to that and you will be redirected to a page like this.

Writecream autosaves your progress, so you don’t have to worry about the ideas getting lost. To be on the safe side, you can also copy the generated ideas and paste it on Google Docs.

In the top-left corner of the page, you will see an option called “Choose Use Case.” Under that heading, click “Blog Intro” and then under the Brand or Company’s name and Description section, fill in the appropriate information. This is what I wrote to generate ideas for my short story.

Then select the tone, which you wish to use for your short story. Then click the “Write for me” option to generate outputs for your short story. You will get outputs like these, and you can get an idea of how to proceed using the idea.

Then to get the outline of what your short story is going to be about, click on the “Blog Outline” option and choose the tone. Then click the write for me to let the AI generate outputs. Here is the output I got, which I used to expand the details of my story.

Then under the “Choose Use Section” you can use the option to expand each headline to get further more ideas if you still are doubtful about your short story. Then choose “Blog Conclusion” to generate ideas for your story’s conclusion. And that’s the process of writing a short story using Writecream AI even if you had no idea to begin with. It sounds pretty simple right! You can use any idea from the outputs and use them to expand your short story. Here is the short story I wrote using Writecream’s AI.


When two people first meet, there’s a lot that can happen. They can form an immediate connection or not. They can be funny or stiff. They can act like they want to be friends or not. We’re all human, and that’s what makes the first meeting tricky. There’s a lot of first impressions that can be formed in those first minutes. Here’s the story of Josh and Kate’s first meeting and how situations turned after that.

Josh works as a reporter and Kate is an accountant. Both are invited to the Thanksgiving dinner by their common friend Claire. Josh went to school with Claire, and Kate and Claire went to the same business school. Kate isn’t a huge fan of public gatherings and she tries to avoid it on most occasions. But she can’t avoid it this time, because it’s her best friend asking her to attend. So mustering all her courage, she goes to the Thanksgiving dinner. At the dinner, Claire introduces Kate to her friend Josh.

After the introductions were over, Claire went away to attend to her other guests. Since it was the first time Kate and Josh were meeting each other, they found it awkward to strike a proper conversation. When Josh started a conversation about a particular topic, Kate had an extremely polarizing view about the topic. Similarly, while Kate tried to tell her opinion about a topic, Josh found that her views were contrasting to his views. They soon realized that they were on opposite sides of the political spectrum and were at odds with each other.

Kate insists and tells Josh that his views aren’t right and tells him that his views might come off as offensive. Josh tells her that it was not a serious conversation and that she did not need to get so worked up about it. Eventually their conversation starts getting serious and they are at odds with each other, almost having a squabble. Before things could get any more awkward between them, Claire comes to their rescue and asks them to be present at the dinner table.

Still not having moved on from the previous conversation they had, Josh and Kate refuse to sit next to each other. While the others are talking, Josh and Kate are trying to dissolve the situation by keeping quiet. Luckily, the Thanksgiving party is peacefully completed. Kate realizes that it is almost time and she needs to leave. So she bids farewell to Claire and to her other friends. Kate looks around the venue to see if Josh is still there, but she is unable to find him. Kate then goes to the parking lot, and gets into her car thinking that Josh was so conceited and inconsiderate about other’s feelings. Josh, on the other hand, thinks that Kate was rude for no reason to him. He hopes that a chance encounter like this should never happen again.

A few months later, Josh is at a cafeteria interviewing a businessman for an article. Josh asks him questions about his business and their recent success. After their interview is done, Josh thanks him for taking some time out of his busy schedule to participate in Josh’s interview. After the businessman leaves the cafe, Josh stays in the cafe to edit and check a few parts of the recording. He gets so engrossed in editing, that he doesn’t notice a woman knocking on the table to get his attention.

Josh, who was busy editing, hears someone knocking sounds and a voice. He removes his headphones and looks up to see that it was none other than Kate. Kate greets him and tells him that the other tables in the cafe were taken already, and she saw Josh sitting alone in the table. So she decided to ask him if she could share the table along with Josh, if he didn’t mind. Josh says that he doesn’t mind and asks her to take a seat. While Kate waits for her order to come, Josh asks her how she has been doing.

Kate says that she has got a job at a new firm which is offering an even better pay. She asks him how his life is. Kate brings up the day at Claire’s dinner and tells Josh that it was her mistake to be rude to him at the Thanksgiving dinner for no reason. Josh too admits that it was inconsiderate of him to not care about others feelings. Pretty soon, they both start talking about the trivial matters in their life. They start talking and they don’t realize that time has passed and it is almost eight at night.

After Kate and Josh finish their remaining work, Josh insists that he will drop Kate at her place. Kate agrees and they both head out to her place. Surprised at how civil their conversations were if they respected and considered each other’s opinions, both Josh and Kate are happy at how things turned out between them. Josh parks his car in front of Kate’s apartment and tells her goodbye. Kate, before leaving the car, tells him that they should probably meet sometime soon. Josh asks her if maybe they could meet next week at the same cafetaria. And Kate happily agrees.

She takes her leave saying bye to Josh and she now thinks how prejudiced her views were about Josh. She realizes that Josh is everything opposite of what she thought during the dinner at Claire’s. Josh also mentally thanks for the chance encounter they coincidentally had. He thinks how his perceptions about Kate were wrong. And that was the start of a new relationship. It is quite surprising how sometimes our mind tricks us into thinking an entirely different view about someone. Josh and Kate’s story was an example of such instances.


I hope you try to write your own short story using Writecream’s AI. This tool is powerful enough to clear all your inhibitions about writing and quicken your work with almost no troubles. And on top of it, this is easy to use and you don’t need to worry about the complications while using an AI.

P.S: You can also the Writecream's new command mode tool to write stories:

You can give it a command like: Generate a romantic story on how Jack meets Jennifer at a cruise

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